This is my very favorite!

It is OFFICIAL! Jonathan and I are ENGAGED! We are ELATED. What a story the Lord has written as He has brought us together over the course of the last few years.

Though we have talked a lot about getting married and dreamed and planned for what life will be like together, I couldn’t have been more surprised when he actually “pulled the trigger”! As a film and commercial producer, he is already a master planner, and he produced the mess out of this fairytale weekend.

On our way to Asheville on Friday we stopped at several local wineries as we have done in the past. We have a blast drinking and reviewing certifiable terrible wine with hilarious mountain people. We arrived at the beautiful Grove Park Inn just in time for sunset – what an oasis! Not only are romantic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains fabulous, this weekend was also the height of the Fall colors.  We enjoyed the roaring fireplaces and the crisp fall weather – paired with wonderful wine and award-winning food, we were in the very lap of luxury.  On Saturday, he booked me the best 80 minute massage I’ve ever had in their spa, which is absolute paradise. When I came out of my treatment, I found him relaxing at the outdoor hot tub in his spa robe, drinking a martini, eating fruit and cheese, yucking it up with total strangers. WHO IS THIS MAN?! Classic Grubbs.

You would’ve thought I would be suspicious with all of this over the top romance, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything but quality time, which is often hard to get given our two schedules. I was involved with booking the trip and he was even more deferential than usual to what I wanted to do at any given moment.  Nothing felt terribly planned at all – all leisure. He was totally himself – not nervous or acting strange at all (at least not more strange than usual ;)).

Over breakfast on Sunday morning, we discussed what we wanted to with our last day. I wasn’t eager to make a plan or set a rendezvous point, but our friend Lucinda had invited us to go hiking with her and her boyfriend the Friday before.  So I called her and she and I made the last-minute plan together. Turns out I was totally a pawn in their game – the two of them had been in cahoots planning for a week, while I thought I was making all the decisions that morning! We agreed to meet them at a place called Triple Falls, just South of Asheville, NC.  I came to learn that one of Jonathan’s location scouts recommended that location to him – turns out he had also recommended that Last of the Mohicans and Hunger Games be filmed there as well 😉 Can we all agree it will be memorialized more for our engagement than those films?!!!

While our friends continued exploring, I lingered as Jonathan snapped pictures of the beautiful scenery. He asked me to get his other camera lens out of his back pack… when I went to open it, I couldn’t really find what he was asking for. He came over to unzip the bag, and out fell a playing card, the Queen of Diamonds (playing cards are significant to us) with “Will you Marry Me?” written on it. I turned around and there he was on his knee, ring in hand, asking “Megan Star Griffiths, will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?.” I shouted “YES, YES, YES”, started bawling and then immediately asked him “Did you ask my dad?”.  HA – those Griffiths are tough nuts to crack 😉

Then he prayed over me and read John 13 out loud. As in this passage where Jesus washes the disciples, he then washed my feet to symbolize how he wants to lead us with humility. We then prayed together, thanking the Lord for the blessing of each other and committed to honor the Lord even more as a couple than we did apart.  We excitedly drove back to Charlotte where he had planned a small get together with our family and some close friends.

Honestly, I cannot even believe that this kind of love really exists. Though loving Jonathan is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I can testify that the future Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Grubbs are living proof that the Lord can redeem all. Our story has been an ongoing, real life picture of growth, mercy and grace and has given us a better glimpse into the patience and love the Lord has for us all. We look forward to investing in our “chord of three strands” and love that we have the opportunity to put forth the continued work required to have a wonderful marriage. We are so blessed to be supported by so many God honoring relationships all around us.  Thank you for your love and encouragement along the way!