First EVER Stuff I Recommend

When guys come over to my house they generally head straight for the couch, in front of the TV. But when girls come over, we don’t wind up talking in the kitchen or living room – we congregate in my closet and bathroom. Why? Because this is a women’s natural habitat and instead of pressing noses up against the glass, we take great pleasure in rummaging through clothes and beauty products that someone else has laid down the cash to purchase. What girl doesn’t love to interact with beauty products up close and get a personal testimonial about the product from a girlfriend just like them?

Ladies, the next time you come over, there’s no need to pull a chair into my bathroom!  Of all of the brands I interact with on a daily basis, these are the ones I enthusiastically recommend (most originated as a recommendation):

  1.   MAC Zoom Lash Mascara – Most of my makeup is from the drugstore but I splurge a little on this: it is $14 and it’s worth every penny. It stays on all day, separates the lashes, doesn’t clump and the tube seems to last forever

2. Burberry Sheer – I love perfume and though I rotate my scents (by season and by occasion), I always like to ration this one for special occasions.  I don’t like to smell like a candy factory – this is very girly but in a crisp and sweet way, not overdone at all. (I have to tell you though, I NEED to get Kate Spades new perfume “Twirl”. Not only does it smell amazing, but the adorable bottle says “She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair”. It makes me literally want to twirl.)

3. Prescriptives Vibran-C Face Lotion – Even though Estee Lauder axed this brand, the products are still available online. This face cream is so absorbent and has such a nice shimmer to it foundation isn’t even necessary. My skin has the nicest glow! Their vibran-c eye cream is really great too.

4. Shellac – if you haven’t had your nails done with OPI Axxiom or other shellac products, you haven’t had a good manicure. This no-chip manicure is all natural (fake gold digger nails  repulse me), heat sealed in place and lasts for nearly 3 weeks looking great! It’s more expensive ($30-$40), but worth every penny. Make sure they let each coat set under the dryer for 2 minutes or else it will peel. (my favorite color is You Don’t Know Jaques)

5. Rusk Blow-dryer – This thing has the most powerful motor in it – it might blow you into the next room if you aren’t expecting it! Your hair dries so much faster and smoother (it’s hot, hot, hot!). I have to bring it with me when I travel because I just don’t have the patience with any other brand.

6. Rese Activewear Yoga Pants, Carrie cut – They never lose their shape and they never fade. The best workout pants EVER. They are expensive, but since I wear my workout clothes more than I do jeans, I need the elasticity to hold up constantly in the washer /  dryer.

7. Lilly Pulitzer – Happy, well made clothes that are never worn without a compliment and always make me feel like I’m on vacation. That’s a pretty good feeling considering it’s 51 degrees out and I’m sitting in my office. I’m picky about her patterns, but ladies, go peruse her merch at your local boutiques, figure out your size an 
d then order it “new with tags” on Ebay. You’ll get what you just tried on only at a fraction of the price. 

 8.  Jessica Simpson shoes – It feels so wrong to like celebrities retail products but the people who create Jessica Simpson footwear know what they’re doing when it comes to shoes for shorties. Put me up in those big gal shoes and let me teeter around town!

9. Tide with Febreeze – My gym bag still smells the way it did when I got it. It gets my clothes perfectly clean, works out the mascara stains on my towels and is gentle on colors. I love it this partnership.

10. Viva Paper Towels – once you go Viva, you never go back

11. Restoration Hardware Cucumber Mint Vacuum Beads –l like my place to be in pristine shape when anyone comes in and running a vacuum is a quick “pick me up” for my place before a guest comes over. These vacuum beads are the effortless cherry on top leaving a fragrant trail! Sometimes I vacuum in heels and a Lilly dress just to be retro.

12. Fresh Bamboo Bath & Body Works Car Portal – I’m not much of a Bath & Body Works girl, but this car portal scent is reason enough to go stock up at their semi-annual sales. It’s not an overwhelming scent, but still no one gets in my car without mentioning how nice it smells. Who knew Bamboo was so fragrant?!

13.  Quaker Oats Steel Cut Oatmeal – I started eating them because I read that Marissa Millers trainers told her to start her day with them. So I did. And now I can’t stop – so good, filling and nutritious and a much nuttier texture than regular oatmeal. I let them cook while I get ready, throw in a few blueberries, a packet of Truvia and some cinnamon and it’s perfect start to a workout day.

14. Starbucks Americana – When you can spare an extra minute, it’s worth the wait for the barista to make this instead of just going for Pikes blend. It’s much, much smoother than drip coffee – almost the consistency of a French press. In fact, I need one right now. Grande, no room!

15.Trader Joes Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus – Not only is it so much cheaper, but it’s SO much better than the Sabra brand. I buy it every week and it’s always gone by Wednesday.

16. Radius Cabernet Sauvignon – it’s $7.99 at Total Wine. Stop getting nasty 2 buck chuck and spend a little more on this: I promise you won’t be disappointed. (this came as a recommendation from my friend Arden – see?! I learned to love this off of her dime – I hope to be doing the same for you!)

 17.   Amy Sedaris Vanilla Cupcake recipe – If anyone has explored the depth of cupcake recipes it’s me. I love them. And this is my favorite (better than Sprinkles, better than Magnolia)! Plus it comes from a book called “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” Funny.She also has a good recipe for gingersnaps (I keep the dough frozen so I always have something to pop in for visitors!)  Here’s the link for cupcakes:

18. Cooking Light Magazine – I love to cook and try new recipes, but I also am a calorie counter. It’s only $15 for a year subscription. Plus I never feel like I’m 84 when I read it or feel weird getting it from my mailbox (why are all women’s magazines plastered with the word “pleasure”?)

19. Fresh Ink cards I’m a big fan of the hand written note, sent for no reason other than to just let my girlfriends know how much I love them. These cards capture the nature of my friendships in one-line and I fill in the rest. (available at Hallmark)

20. Loaded Questions – This is a fun game for a chatty group of creative people. Great for game nights, but don’t play with any more than 6 people (it will never end). Because my family loves TMI and borders on ridiculous, this is our game of choice for never ending laughter.

I love a good recommendation – so shoot me a line or a comment and let me know what I need to try!

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