Meg’s 25 Things

1. I love people who are passionate enough to make big statements and who, when needed, can admit that statement maybe shouldn’t have been made. After I post this, I might have to be that person.

2. There is nothing more attractive than a Christian guy totally sold out for the Lord. Except for a Christian guy, totally sold out for the Lord w/ a popped collar and Titleist hat. Guys dressed like a golf game might break out at any moment are hot. Think Adam Scott carrying a bible.

3. My favorite song to work out to is “When I Grow Up.” I envision myself being a trend setter at that part of the song – really makes me rock the tread mill. And then I realize that I wear button down collared shirts 90% of the time. The only person I’m setting any trends for is Hilary Clinton.

4. Speaking of H to the C, I’m a diehard conservative. She could stand to follow that trend. Strong military, traditional family values, fiscal responsibility and limited government.

5. One of my favorite college memories is singing “Oh Sweet Wonder” to close out chapel. It’s amazing how an entire campus of veteran Sunday schoolers can hit 8 part harmony spot on with no warning or pitch pipe. Imagine what we can do with flannel graph.

6. Sarcasm is my love language and my defense mechanism: I love banter, but on the other hand, on a scale of one to 10, when my feelings get hurt my sarcasm cranks up to about an 11.

7. I’m really competitive – but really only with myself. Girls who compete with each other are annoying and mostly mean and, 9 times out of 10, very insecure.

8. My workout kick started when a police officer ball parked my weight totally wrong. Immediately my insecurity surfaced. Note: to those who don’t want the term “obese” to end up next to your name on public record, don’t cut people off at the corner of Weddington Rd and Independence Blvd.

9. I’m not a camper. I grew up at the Marriott, not peeing in some bush. Once I went with my best friend because we thought it was funny. We pitched the tent around 7pm and we were at a gourmet breakfast in town by 6am. Mostly because we had spilled champagne inside the tent and it was attracting bugs. Even so – I’m a good sport and willing to participate should I marry an outdoorsy guy . He should know in advance I don’t travel without my makeup.

10. The side hug is the lowest form of personal greeting – it says “I know you, but don’t really want you or anyone who might be watching this awkward embrace to get the wrong idea.”

11. If I was going to be on the cover of a magazine, I would absolutely pick Fortune. I want to be photographed kicked back in my chair with my feet propped on the desk pretend smoking a cigar with a cityscape in the background. Expression? The smirk…as if to say “Done. And done.”

12. Salty or sweet? Sweet. For you boys out there that are interested…I’d rather receive a cookie bouquet than a real bouquet. My work address is just a quick Google.

13. Regrets? To this day I have only one…I once arranged for the guy I was “sort of “ dating to take a Viper out for a drive (the guy I babysat for owned it). He loved it. In fact he was feeling it so much he pulled over and asked if he could kiss me. I said no. What was I thinking? It could’ve been so Gone in 60 Seconds. Minus the blonde dreads. I’m pretty sure I had a collared shirt on.

14. I am insanely loyal. Once my attention is captured, it’s yours for good.

15. My best friends are my family. The End.

16. I LOVE being with my family. If you are ever lucky enough to play cards with the Griffiths, you will get a little taste of Utopia. Hilarity is guaranteed. Passionate statements and trash talk will abound. And sangria will be served.

17. I’m not a partier, though those who don’t know me assume otherwise. I’d rather have 5 friends who I’m totally invested in than 100 acquaintances. I’m particular about who and what gets my time and don’t fritter it away.

18. My middle name is Star. I’m often asked if my parents were flower-children. They were not.

19. While this is beginning to feel narcissistic, if you’ve read this far you’re probably vaguely entertained or bored at work. So you might be interested to know that my current debit card statement reads as follows:
Dean & Deluca
Dry Clean World
Jimmy Johns
Golf Galaxy
Magic Nail (Not nails. Just one. And it’s magic.)
There is more insight there than you can imagine.

20. Whether I’m telling it or hearing it, every story is funnier if there is a midget involved.

21. Elisabeth Elliot (Wheaton grad) is my favorite author, followed closely by Philip Yancey (What?! Also a Wheaton grad). Both have had a huge impact in shaping my faith and increasing my understanding of what the Lord has for me. Wheaton grads got it GOING ON!

22. While my job is someone’s long term career, I don’t really see myself having one career for the rest of my life. Moving up the industry ladder feels like the bowels of mediocrity, which is a new perspective for me. I like the idea that at any moment a new deck will be dealt.

23. I’ve never taken the advice “stay away from talking religion and politics.” My very best friends have been made in those settings. Passion brings people together and what inspires more passion than God and politics?

24. Ideal date? U.S. White Water Rafting Center zip line and then Lebowskis for chicken wings: they are free if you wear your robe. Robes would be worn. And I would love you forever if a segway was involved.

25. I used to want to be a news reporter. I think that might have been a good job for me…sometimes when I first meet people it comes off like an interrogation. I swear, I’m really just interested in your story.

3 thoughts on “Meg’s 25 Things

  1. Ok.

    So, Meg – I think we are star-crossed BFFs that were separated by birth… except that I was born ten years before you… in Pittsburgh, PA… and I don’t wear collared shirts… and I don’t have any obsessions with Wheaton. Can we agree on a shared love for Wegmans? (I lived in Syracuse for a short bit of time and LOVE Wegmans.) 😉 Beyond the Wheaton/Wegmans swap – we. are. so. there. BFFs.

    The. End.

    Let’s lunch with Arden sometime and have fun, witty, change-the-world, sugary-Jesus conversations! You in? 🙂


  2. Gwen! Wegmans has a cult like way of bringing like-minded, highly strung grocery shoppers together. The bulk food department is my siren song. Wegmans trumps Wheaton and you should know that I’ve relaxed on my collard shirt wearing. I hope that clears any complications up 🙂

    I cant wait to lunch with you ladies – I’ve heard so much about you. Fun witty sugary conversation are my deal! Looking forward…and thanks for reading!

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