Blogs I Follow

Hostess with the Mostess. Just because I love a classy and well thought out party.

Living Proof Ministries. It’s amazing that Beth Moore can pump out as much inspiring content as she does. These posts will never make it into a book or video but they are filled with insight that is valuable for not just today, but for your life.

Lipstick Makes Everything Better. My dear friend, Arden…she posts a variety of content in a way that invites you into exactly what’s running through her head at any particular moment. Very easy to immediately feel a connection with her.

James Macdonald. Best. Preacher. Ever. And I’m loving the Elephant Room series he is doing on church culture.

Steven Furtick. The Pastor of Elevation Church. Short and to-the-point blogs that are never wrapped up in fluff or a story, but pack a punch most likely revolving around leadership.

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