My Favorite Posts

1) A Literary Unicorn – Maybe one of my most vulnerable posts, it’s as true today as the day I wrote it. The line that I’ve been dwelling on lately is this “Equip us with the eyes to see and the ability to give love and receive it so we feel securely loved for a lifetime.”

2) Wendy, You Deserve an Apology – Just another day in the life. Woman everywhere understand the reference to the “mascara situation”.

3) Officer, I Had No Idea How Loud I Was Singing – I still have the same car. That thing has been through more scrapes and crunches than I care to discuss. My future husband is going to need to be easy going or own a body shop.

4) Sitcom Absurdity Leads to Employee Tardiness – The Saved by the Bell where Jessie pops caffeine pills. If you don’t know the episode I’m referring to, I’m less relatable than I thought 😉

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