Why Sweeter Sugar?

Because it’s awesome. 

"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth" - Psalm 119:103

No, but really, it came about because I see the car of a guy I used to date parked in my apartment building entirely too often. He, uh, “visits” a girl that also lives there. Super.

The other day my friend and I were walking into the building talking about the fact his car had been parked there for a week and she said “Wow. She must be giving him a lot of sugar.” My reply “Eh, my sugar is sweeter.” We laughed and moved on. I was just joking.

But…I actually wasn’t joking. All I know for certain is this: I’m living for sugar sweeter than anything this world can produce, in any form it can produce it and I know exactly where to go to get it. That gives me a healthy sense of confidence and an ability to live in the type of freedom that I know for a fact makes my sugar here on earth rare and therefore, valuable. 

So, I wanted to call this blog Sweeter Sugar – penning a delicious sugary snack we can all enjoy together and one that is also fantastically healthy for us. Where we can talk about whose we are, not who we are. Where we can focus on a long term eternal relationship rather than immediate earthly gratification. Where we can all taste His sweet words and discuss the recipe, because His sugar is the Sweetest.

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