I don’t know WHO reads this blog, but I know WHAT you read and overwhelmingly, my “dating / relationships” archive gets a lot of action every week (pun totally intended). I haven’t written about it lately, so in light of Valentines week, I thought I’d get all Carrie Bradshaw on you, even though HBO would never pick up what I’m putting down.

My phone was exploding over the holidays. I think it was due to the fact that the guys who were calling did not have teams in the NFL playoffs. They had unforeseen time on their hands and apparently they wanted to kill it with me.

While this seems like a great problem for me to have, I don’t particularly like dating and I really don’t like dating multiple people at one time. But there was one who really had “it”. He was funny, not at all boring. He was confident. He was intentionally pursuing me, no tip toeing. And he was so nice to look at. But he didn’t love Jesus. There was no mystery about it. He knew about Jesus, but he didn’t love him.

For the first time ever, this wasn’t an immediate deal breaker. I mean, what a nice guy. It’s only a matter of time before he embraces the truth and I can be the one to tip that scale! Romantic, no?! I was mentally preparing to missionary date him so I could feel good about getting the show on the road and shuffling off into the “just married” sunset. Next date we’re totally making Roman Road bead bracelets 😉

Oh, Meg. You’re precious. Scripture doesn’t leave grey area to “thumbs up” my plan and there is no shortage of writing on the subject at the local Christian bookstore to suggest otherwise. But there was no need to throw any “unequally yoked” scripture at me – I already knew why that’s not the Lords best for me. I just needed a renewed personal reminder – a rhema word – and the Lord used my study on the life of David to do just that.

Scripture says “David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and that his kingdom had been highly exalted for the sake of his people.“ In short, David knew whose he was and he knew who he was.

The knowledge of WHOSE we are changes everything about the way we live, the way we love, the way we serve. We belong to a powerful God who is in control; our keeper, sustainer, provider. David was king – the highest in Israel – yet he also knew he was God’s man and it was the Lord that had established his success, not anything he had done. No matter how far he allows us to climb, even to the point of a king, or how far he allows us to fall, it is the Lord in his grace and mercy that is the source for everything. This is the most fundamental point of how we lives our lives: it’s not about us; it’s about God’s power working in and through us.

Because we belong to a great God, we are a great people! Thats who we are! David was divinely anointed – set apart, consecrated and fully enabled to accomplish Gods purpose for his life. As a believer in Jesus Christ we have the same anointing on our lives too! 2 Peter 1:3 tells us that the moment we receive Him, we receive everything we need for life and godliness – it’s the Holy Spirit inside of us that works outside of us.

God’s specific purpose for our lives rests on how we respond to His love and work in us by His spirit. I want to walk in the full capacity of the anointing I have on my life and that cannot be done with my wagon hitched to someone who isn’t also walking with the anointing as well.

In an effort to be completely transparent, because I approach this blog like a ministry, I thought I’d let you read an abridged version of my continued prayer over the man I’m believing God for. Carrie Bradshaw = bush league. This is the good, rare stuff…like a literary unicorn.

God, I fully believe you are who you say you are and I am who you tell me I am. I believe your precious promises: you do what you say will do. My every need has been identified by you and you know all of my emotions. You are a generous God who has a plan for me – one that will prosper me, not bring me harm. I come before you, not because you don‘t already know my heart, but because prayer is our relationship – you want to hear from me and speak to me…

Lord, order my steps and the steps of a man who loves you with all his heart: one who lives by faith and with full expectation that we will see you supernaturally work in our lives. One who rises to the standard that you have called your children to live. I pray that he will pursue me with purpose and certainty right from the beginning, with bold and clear intentions and that my heart would be open to his pursuit. Equip us with the eyes to see and the ability to give love and receive it so we feel securely loved for a lifetime. Even though we both will fall short, may our genuine love for You be what holds us together.

God, I pray specifically that I would be physically attracted to him (I’ve noticed that a lot of your followers don’t enjoy the gym or hair product). That he would make me laugh and be light in the world, not isolated from the world. That he would be a leader with a vision that I can be a support to. That he would have witnessed a model of what it looks like to love for years, through life changes and obstacles. God, prepare our hearts to serve each other well! Wherever, whoever he is, you know the heart I’m lifting up to you – so God, give him wisdom, boldness, direction and an extra portion of patience to wait and the ability to find me. 
I’m living every day fully anticipating that the Lord will bless me with this man and when He does, I’ll be found a dynamic believer pursuing with fervor that tasks the Lord has set me before me – a strong other half to this man I‘m believing for.

So Christian boys, the long and short of it is that I still only have eyes for one of you. Your key take away? When Samuel went to anoint David, David wasn’t the obvious choice – he wasn’t the handsome brother. God was looking at this heart. Clearly, I’m not God. Like Samuel, I’m looking at you and your misguided wardrobe right now, so maybe you could lose the short sleeve button downs and make it a little easier for me to get to know your heart too?!