I purchased Dinar. A lot of it. A guy named Ali just sent me an email confirmation thanking me for doing business with him.

At the prompt of my buddy, who counts his currently worthless paper money while doing “back stokes” through it as he “makes it rain,” I got my cashiers check and sent away for a few colorful bills myself. I got caught up in the daydream of lounging in a silky Arabian tunic, eating grapes fed to me by all of you minions without the foresight to make such an investment.  And since he (my buddy, not Ali) promised to buy me a cherry dipped cone at DQ should the whole investment crash and burn, I threw caution to the wind and thought, what the hey. He’s a pretty smart guy when it comes to money (just not when it comes to me…hey heeeey).

During the course of his persuasive speech, I stated that if he thought it was wise then I would heed his council and take the plunge. His reply? “Wise is a relative concept.” He also said “Never Pet a Burning Dog” would be the proverb he would have written on his money once he took over the currency, so that’s how serious our conversation was.

Although completely taken out of context, this funny comment hit me at the right time since I’ve been reflecting on Proverbs 8.  Wisdom is anything but a relative concept. Not only does the chapter lead with wisdom shouting “Folks, I’m standing in the middle of the street talking straight to you. In, like, a megaphone. The kind of voice your neighbor uses at 6am”  but it unfolds to be a mathematical equation.

Wisdom = Prudence+Knowledge+Discretion. 

I don’t have a whole lot of “what were you thinking” / unwise moments (the Dinar investment might number among them). Although I haven’t had a lot, I have had them and they occurred because I left out part of the equation.  Everyone wants wisdom…but the stuff it’s made up of? Not real sexy concepts. Let’s be honest, I have the knowledge – most life-long Christ followers do – and I have the conviction…but who wants to be a prude (my mind quickly jumps to cheap skates and Mennonite woman)?!

That’s the most un-fun part of being wise and therefore the part I quickly explain away so I can make wisdom seem relative. Eh, my actions aren’t really “incorrect.” At least not compared to everyone else. I mean, if you’re not going to x, y or z at 27, then when? It’s not really wrong, wrong. Just sort of shady. So in that case….Do you take Visa? Yes, I’ll go out with you! Waiter, I’ll have another. Oh, did you hear about…?

My unwise moments are not the result of the wisdom of the Lord being relative, it was me trying to change the equation. “God…1+1=7. You love that number!”

Practically speaking, not everyone should go around investing in Dinar. If you can’t afford to pay your bills, an investment like that is wrong and if I can afford to take my talent and make a skillion dollars, I don’t think it is.  Both of us assessed the investment (knowledge), our own personal finances (discretion) and acted accordingly (prudence). That’s the wisdom equation. The final action might be relative to our circumstance, but the wisdom producing the action is not.

I leave you with this: my buddy can afford it, and should this investment meet the international marketplace expectations, he will purchase me my very own DQ…BLIZZARDS FOR ALL!