A couple of years ago, an epidemic swept Facebook. For a span of 3 weeks, every time we social networkers logged on to do a bit of light stalking, a red flag alerted us that we were tagged by yet ANOTHER friend asking us to participate in this insanity: Here are 25 random facts about me that you never cared to know! You fall into the unlucky 2% of my online friends whom I’m charging a tax of 25 random facts. You can consider yourself unfriended if you fail to participate. This will be so fun!

In all honesty, once I let out an initial eye roll, I did have fun creating my list (several of my friends did a hilarious job on theirs and it was inspiration enough to complete my own as seen here: Meg’s 25 Things).

However, the vast majority of participants (I have to believe that 80% of FB users participated) couldn’t come up with 10 things let alone 25. I’m not trying to over think this silly little exercise, but I do think elements of what the Facebook community did with that drill shed light on much of what our generation suffers from: a serious identity crisis.

I would argue that one of the deepest questions we can ask is: Who am I? If 25 things was any indication, it appears as though we think we are nothing more than a demographic profile (Geography: I live in / born in or Position: work for / mother of / student at) or in a constant rat race for self identity (Performance: CEO!, Popularity: 1,287 friends, Possessions: BMW owner). With answers like that, no wonder my generation suffers from an identity crisis (which is a leading contributing factor of anxiety and depression). Without a ready, right answer to this question we enter a lose / lose situation. On the one hand, lacking identity makes us susceptible to an over inflated sense of self – a 400 pound man way too sexy for his shirt. On the other hand, being entirely unaware of our unique skills and abilities makes it hard to see how the Lord can use them even in spite of our shortcomings.

We aren’t the first to struggle with self-identity issues. When God spoke to Moses from the burning bush and told him that he would be leading Israel out of Egypt, Moses first question was “WHO AM I?“

Gods answer:

“Because you are a hottie-boombolattie!“


“Because you are the Alex Trebeck of Midian!”


“Because you have the most Jewish friends on Facebook!”


God says: “I will be with you….tell them I Am has sent you.”

That’s Gods answer to the question. Scripture goes on to say: “What do you have that you did not receive?” God did not appeal to Moses earthly ego as a point of identity because our identity is not found in the gifts God has given but rather in the GIVER of the good gifts Himself!

Ephesians says: It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for… long before we first heard of Christ He had his eye on us, had designs for us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything, and everyone.

Who am I? is not the first question. The first question is Who is God? I wonder if we all took a moment to mine the promises about God’s love for us and purpose in creating us, we could have 25 things to reflect on every day and live in the wonderful freedom that we are His.

I’ll get you started:

We are known by the Lord…

Our names are engraved on the palm of His hand…

He knows us better than we know ourselves…

He numbers the hairs on our head…

He saves our tears in a bottle – aware of them, yet also calculating the impact on our emotions.

We are LOVED by the Lord – He knows and STILL loves…

His eyes are upon us…

(To listen to much of this content and more listen to this amazing talk by Dr. James MacDonald, Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel. I love this man’s preaching – he was my pastor all through college and still speaks truth into my life daily through Walk in the Word, which is an awesome app for all of you smartphone users)